Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wives: A support system

Kuwait is not a city for singles. It’s a laid back city. After coming here, people usually try to settle down. Most of the Indian Chartered Accountants that I have met are married and settled with their wives. In some cases, their wives are also working.

Life and job can sometimes be frustrating over here. As such, people need a support system to constantly motivate them and keep their spirits high. Wives are considered as such a support system.

Yesterday, I went to watch a movie with a colleague of mine. Another colleague of ours Y was also at the theatre along with his wife. He offered to drop us home after the movie.

While in the car, we were discussing the movie. I don’t know but somehow it digressed to qualities of different people in our employer company. Though Y was an active participant in that discussion which was going on for my benefit, his wife was even more actively participating. She told me how such and such person was a total asshole, idiot, smart, etc.

When they dropped us off, I asked my colleague whether Y’s wife works in the company as she seems to know a lot about it. He replied that the wife is Y's support system. When Y needs to vent out his frustrations about politics, job dissatisfaction etc he talks to his wife.

He said same is the case with other desi employees. Some wives know more about the company than either you and me.

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