Friday, July 28, 2006

Keeping Fit

I came to this place for two days in April 2006. I was fed like crazy. When we were through eating meat and bread and thought we could not take anymore food, we were presented with sweets. Declining food can offend your hosts. As such, when I went back I had put up 4 kilos.
Now that I am here for a longer term, I don’t want to have my weight measured in units of tons when I get back. As such, I decided to join the gym of the furnished apartments that I have been put up in.

Lo! All the machines were broken. I could have played table tennis. Regardless of the fact that I cannot play it alone (I need a partner) I would have needed a table with four legs and not one standing on three legs.

Not to be unnerved, I decided to take a swim. Though the swimming pool was clean and in usable condition, it was an open air pool. Rather than offering warm or cool water, it was filled with hot water. Definitely a no no.

Only one thing was left: take a brisk walk outside. Being a sea-side city, I expected a cool breeze to be blowing. Never in my life have I ever been hit by hot air with temperature nearing triple digits at 7 pm in the evening. I could really lose some weight this way but it would have been due to falling skin from heat blisters.

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