Friday, July 28, 2006

Small things

A laptop and net access is a priority over here. A lot of communication takes place over the email. The same holds true back home. However, here they utilize the full functionalities of MS Outlook. I always thought that the calendar features were redundant i.e., they are useful but nobody uses them. However, everyone is well versed in all the functionalities of MS Outlook in this inefficient enterprise.

I was provided with the laptop on the 2nd day I was here. I would have gotten it the first day but I joined a bit later. Moreover, I have been provided with a corporate mobile telephone subscription. I know that there are systems in place in MNCs in Pakistan where these things happen automatically. But here I am talking about a family owned inefficient local organization and they were swift in arranging these things. Back home this would have made me feel like the President of a bank because he is the only one who gets this fast service. I am speaking this from experience.

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