Monday, January 15, 2007

Ethical Dilemma

Its been a long time since I wrote anything. Even at the moment, I don't have much to write. However, I would like to reproduce an essay my friend jokingly wrote in reply to question for his Wharton MBA application.

Though the essay does not answer the question posed yet it is based on true events. The actual writer of the essay is not the narrator but the self proclaimed Brad Pitt lookalike.

A. Describe an ethical dilemma that you have faced in your professional life, how you dealt with the situation, and what the outcome was?

As a corporate banker at one of the leading institutions of Pakistan, arguably the best in the World, I have been confronted with several instances where my analysis and recommendations had determined the fate of major transactions. I have since left the institution. However the case I am going to describe today pertains to my personal life while working there, perhaps the darkest chapter of my brief life story as it has a very dark person in it as the main character.

One fine day on a sunny afternoon me and few of my colleagues from my previous “local” institution (can’t remember its name), were supposed to attend a funeral of another colleague’s father. I had a lot happening in my life at that time so I was not sure whether I was happy or sad! I was in love with the girl of my dreams and had recently proposed to her so I was happy, but she had given me 'thudda' (kick) on my butt which made me very sad and my self confidence had taken a massive hit. I also felt very angry because another colleague had been hitting on my girl (it was the same dark guy from this story), but he had also been kicked in the butt so again I was happy. Actually I was confused. There were times I felt that girls were not meant for me and that’s when I tried to take some of my frustration out on a local hen boy (murghi wala) and few stray animals.

Coming back to the point, we were traveling to attend the funeral. The Dark Guy was driving like a maniac and on several occasions we were close to an accident (Man I hate that guy!!!). I feared that blacky (aka Dark Guy) was driving like he was on a mission. He wanted to kill me! After all he was my “Raqeeb-e-Roosiah” (Haramzada saala). Despite all the tension I kept thinking about my love and how to keep her out of Darkness( if you know what I mean). My brain was working overtime but despite all my efforts couldn’t think of any possible solution. I wanted to cry! I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts when I heard tyre screeching. We were inches away from collision from a Green Suzuki Khyber. My black friend was involved in verbal spat with the two individuals in the other car. Somehow these guys knew each other as they kept inquiring about each others mother and sisters. Things got heated and my friend was told to get out of the car which he obliged (why would you do that. Road is clear, drive away). Out came two huge men from the other car. Each of them well over 6 feet 5 inches, whereas my friend was 4 feet sharp!

Then came the sequence of punches and kicks which my little friend successfully blocked with his cheeks, ribs, groin and other critical areas. I was out of the car first thinking what to do. During this time another colleague of mine had lost glasses and went completely blind for the time the fight took place. At that moment the back door of the car opened and out came a handsome man. Standing over six feet, broad shoulders and with long hair swirling in the wind, he reminded me of Brad Pitt from “Interview with a vampire”. He jumped towards the two scoundrels to rip their necks off when I got in his way. A thought had just entered my mind. This was the time when I could get back at Kaalia for hitting at my girl. This was the time when I could get this thorn out of my love life. Brad was surprised that why I had stopped him. I told him the little black guy likes to fight his own battles. He wont appreciate you getting involved. Brad stopped and stepped back, ordered pop corn and started enjoying “Kutam kutai… Zabardast pitai”. Finally people had to intervene to get the two parties separated. We were congratulated and appreciated by people all around for not intervening and letting our little friend stand up for himself.

That was one time when my ethics were really challenged. I had to make a choice between love and friendship. I am proud that I choose love despite the fact that I am still Khuday-line. Although I still in the state of self-denial that I am over her, but the truth is something else. I am a better, bigger person now. If she calls me now I will walk over 10 little guys to get to her!

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