Sunday, November 26, 2006


Finally submitted the budget couple of days after the deadline. I thought we would be the last one to submit it since the deadline had passed. Fortunately, there were some groups who submitted afterwards. Best part of being in the current group is that everyone realizes that we have four divisions each with a different business model and hence such delays are over looked. From what I have been hearing, we have a better grasp of business this year than previously.

Anyway, life should have been easier after submitting the budget. But it seems that one thing leads to another. Now we have to prepare a presentation to justify the budget. Had the budget been showing increasing income, the task would have been easier. But our budgeted profits are going down next year. Though I wont be presenting the budget yet I am assigned to come up with explanations and justifications for the same. As with all other cases, the deadline seems to be extremely short.

Was talking to my father yesterday. He asked me whether everything is under control. I replied in affirmative as I believed it to be the same. Had I been assigned the task yesterday or earlier, I would have still replied in affirmative yet at least would not have believed it.

Lets hope that I am able to come up with some justifications in the short time that has been allowed to me. Deadlines always seem so short and near.

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